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How to make citronella oil insect repellent

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How to make citronella oil insect repellent

1 drop citronella essential oil. 1 drop eucalyptus essential oil. 1 drop tea tree essential oil. 1 drop peppermint essential oil. 1 drop cypress essential oil. 1 drop lemon myrtle essential oil. Instructions. Mix together in a small glass spray bottle and store in a cool dark place. Spritz on neck, arms, and legs before heading outside, being ...

Sick of mosquito bites? I was too! Learn how to make your own DIY mosquito repellent citronella luminaries using empty paint cans and essential oils... they look pretty, too! These things are crazy easy to make. Here's what you'll need: Three empty paint cans Three floating candles Citronella essential oil Lemon essential oil Peppermint essential oil Spray paint in three colors Painters ...

Last, top each citronella lemon bowl candle with an eighth teaspoon of lemon balm before the wax cools. Let stand 30 minutes to 1 hour or until the wax is hard and white. You can allow these to cure for a few days if you want a stronger scent. Related: Bubbling Lemon Vanilla Bath Soak. Related: How To Create A Natural Essential Oil Room Spray